Welcome to the Soft Interaction Lab (SIL) in the Visualization Department at Texas A&M University

We integrate physical and digital experiences utilizing soft/organic materials and interactive technologies. Our primary aim is to engage diverse audiences by developing soft toys, interactive installations, performances in education, entertainment, and healthcare contexts.


If you would like to join SIL as a graduate student or an undergraduate student, please contact Dr. Seo at hwaryoung@tamu.edu.

We are looking for talented and highly motivated undergraduate research assistants to contribute to our various projects. If you’re interested in being considered for a volunteer RA position, please email Dr. Seo with a brief statement of interest and attach your resume. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to receive course credit for your involvement.

Feel free to contact Dr. Seo (hwaryoung at tamu.edu) for more information

Other Opportunities

Interactive Art/Design Courses: If you are interested in taking Dr. Seo courses, Please contact Dr. Seo.