Artists: Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo, Annie Sungkajun, Tiffany Sanchez

The human touch is no stranger to interacting with nature. Feeling the grass beneath our feet or hand leaves behind a sense of relief and allows for individuals to just concentrate on touch. However, for those that are unable to experience the touch of the outdoors do not benefit from this leisure. Touchology is a series of art installations that evokes serenity by exploring the meditative quality of touch with plants (real or artificial) that can be accessible at home or indoors. Since Touchology projectskeep all the necessary components in a small container, this can be placed anywhere at ease of the user and extend her experience with nature in a unique way.

One of the Touchology projects, Flora Touch, utilizes a small potted plant and a base with the electronic components.It generates ambient audio-visualization responding to human’s gentle touch of a plant. Another project, Grass is also a touch responsive installation. Grass consists of a field of fiber optics that look like grass and electronic components including LEDs and speakers in a base container. Users can explore different nature sounds (water, wind, bird, and cricket) and LED lighting patterns projected on the tips of optical fibers by touch.