• Seo, J., Guo, L., & Kim, M. (2010). Grass. International Digital Media Arts Association Conference (iDMAa) Student Showcase, Vancouver, Canada. [Conference Exhibition]
  • Seo, J. H. (2013). Grass. IEEE WHC (World Haptics Conference) Art Exhibition. [Juried art exhibition]
  • Presentation at Autism Clinic (BVRC) in Bryan
  • Presentation at Isle at Watercress (Assisted Living Facility)

Project Description

Grass is an interactive plant project that explores serenity and emotional attachment through meditative touch of plants with interactive audio-visualizations.

We have been compelled by the beauty of reflected moonlight on a grass field harmonizing with the fluctuation of the grass by wind. This kind of experience with nature is quite relaxing and meditating. Grass is also a touch responsive installation. Two versions of the Grass project have been utilized using real wheat grass pots, a fiber optic installation, and electronic components including a microcontroller, LEDs and speakers in the base container. Users can explore different nature sounds (water, wind, birds, and crickets) and LED light patterns projected on the tips of the optical fibers by gentle caressing.

We focused on the development of a tactile interface, using flexible, conductive materials and hand gestures (touching, stroking, and caressing). Grass enhances the multi-sensory experience, provoking participants’ memories or imaginations through soft-computational/electronic technology.

  • Artist: Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo
  • Collaborators: Annie Sungkajun, Tiffany Sanchez
  • Former collaborators: Maxine Kim, Lisa Guo
  • Interactive Plant
  • Therapeutic
  • Educational

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