Mobile Haptic System Design to Evoke Relaxation


  • HCII 2015, Poster
  • SIGGRAPH 2015, Poster
  • Presentation at TAMU Women’s Faculty Network

Project Description

A paced breathing mobile phone application has been developed in Android Studio to aid in the exploration of these questions. The application is able to produce either haptic (vibrational pulses), audio (gong chimes), or audio-haptic (vibrational pulses and gong chimes) outputs to act as a breathing guide for the user. During use of the application, the user is instructed to begin each inhalation and exhalation along with each vibrational pulse and/or gong chime. A small pillow with a pocket was fabricated in order to hold the mobile device, provide the user a place to comfortably rest their hands, and smooth and amplify the haptic experience.

  • Researchers:¬†Antoinette Bumatay, Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo