Seo’s Portfolio

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Lavish Light (2015 ~ )

Interactive performance

Dancer: Lauren Dowdy
Choreographer: Christine Bergeron
Soft Circuit Fabrication: Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo


Water Tower Project (2015)

The water tower near the H-E-B grocery store in south College Station was aglow with animated images created by Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo, assistant professor of visualization and her students.



inTouch is a set of dresses that consists of a mother’s dress and a child’s dress sharing touch information through garments in an ambient way. They share touch information around the child dress and visualize it on the mother’s dress using thermochromic paint.



Touchology is a series of art installations that evokes serenity by exploring the meditative quality of touch with plants (real or artificial) that can be accessible at home or indoors.


L.E.D. 2014

Interactive Performance


Light Strings

Light Strings explores the relationship between the aesthetics of the interaction afforded by an immersive environment and its relation to the immersive experience of the user.



nite_aura is an audio-visual interactive installation exploring physical, auditory and visual motion within an immersive environment. Many children imagine themselves flying through a night sky full of stars. Humans often whisper wishes to the stars. nite_aura embodies these memories and experiences allowing for visitors to whisper to the air and play with fields of stars surrounding them.


Snow Flakes

Snowflakes is a public art installation with intuitive interfaces. It offers people a chance to play and interact with an environment, creating new relationships with active body movements. It consists of three big screens presenting mirrored video projections of movements combined with computer generated snowflakes.



Cocoon is an interactive art installation that introduces novel interaction with the nature. This project consists of multiple soft objects on the big trees. Each object invites participants’ active engagement through touch. Audience members will discover various reactions including light, kinetic motion, and vibration by cocoon objects depending on how they approach to the objects. They may react friendly or aggressively.



tendrils is an interactive kinetic garment that responds to collective touch. tendrils is a metaphor for the particles, filaments and networks that combine to create our collective selves, the interstitial signals that flow within our bodies.



Stampies consists of tangible objects made out of different materials (wood, felt, silicone, and plastic) and an iPad drawing application. The material studies for young children have design implications for tangible interaction for children.



Grass is an interactive plant project that explores serenity and emotional attachment through meditative touch of plants with interactive audio-visualizations.

Selected Publications

  • Seo, J. H. & Corness, G. (2015) Aesthetics of Immersion in Interactive Immersive Installation: Phenomenological Case Study. In Proceedings of International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA), Vancouver, Canada. images
  • Seo, J. H. (2015) inTouch. In Proceedings of ASC (Art, Science, City International Conference) Valencia, Spain. images
  • Seo, J. H., Sungkajun, A., Sanchez, T., & Suh, J. (2015) Touchology: Peripheral Interactive Plant Design for Well-being. IxD&A (Interaction Design and Architure) Journal. issue 28. images
  • Berry, J., & Seo, J. H. (2015) Incorporation of Shape Memory Polymers in Interactive Design. In Proceedings of International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA), Vancouver, Canada. images
  • Seo, J. H., Arita, J., Chu, S., Quek, F., & Aldriedge, S. (2015) Material Significance of Tangibles for Young Children. In Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction (TEI). Stanford, CA, USA. images

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